Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Lens: A Trip to Jackson, MS

This weekend we took a little day trip to Jackson, MS. I needed to take an exam to add an endorsement to my current teaching license, so we figured we would take a mini vacation.

First off, we had to stop at Sonic's Happy Hour to get us something that would last the entire trip. Nothing like a Route 44 half off! I was good and made mine a Diet Coke. I also kept looking back at Hugh, amazed at how big he is getting. I see those size 7 Nike's and those adorable baby isn't a baby anymore! Hello, toddler territory!

Happy hour. Yes, that's a Route 44.Yup. We have a toddler. Look at those legs. My boy is growing up.

Hugh loved the hotel room. This was his first time in one. I love traveling as well. We stayed in a nice hotel. Not such a nice neighborhood (on the edge of downtown, a little too close to some shabby neighborhoods), but we still felt very safe.

First time in a hotel room. Pretty cool experience.My two loves.

We also discovered Duck Dynasty. Don't judge...we don't have cable. A&E had a Duck Dynasty marathon, and we were in redneck heaven! (P.S. Uncle Si is my favorite!)

Watching Duck Dynasty for the first time. (Don't judge. We don't have cable.) Totally hooked. Uncle Si is my favorite.

And no trip to Jackson is complete without a stop at Bass Pro.

Checking out the fish.Having a very important hunting equipment lesson.
Picking up matching hats.

Our last stop was the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. This was such a cool place! The current exhibit was a dinosaur exhibit. At first, Hugh was a tad bit scared. But he started to warm up to the dinosaurs, eventually giving us hilarious dinosaur roars!

ProtoceratopsMaiasaura eggs
Checking out the fossils and skeletons.Check out #27. Gross!
My stegosaurus drawing.MS Museum of Natural Science
Searching for fossils.Aaaaaaaaahhhh!
Not too sure about this dino. Doesn't look as friendly as the dinosaurs on "Dinosaur Train."Who is more scared?
MS Museum of Natural SciencePretending to be a dinosaur.

The museum was a taxidermist's heaven! We loved finding all of the animals in each exhibit. Some were easy to find (exhibits like the first pic below). Others were set up like you would see it in nature. Hugh also loved the aquarium portion. Turtles, fish, snakes, was so cool. Perhaps I have a budding marine biologist on my hands.

MS Museum of Natural ScienceChecking out a snake.
MS Museum of Natural ScienceMS Museum of Natural Science
MS Museum of Natural ScienceMS Museum of Natural Science
MS Museum of Natural ScienceSomebody loves the aquarium!

Whew, it was a busy day but definitely lots of fun! If you are near the Jackson area, I highly recommend the museum. It rocked!

Oh and it didn't hurt to come home and scream ROLL TIDE all evening. :)

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