Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hello, November.

Hello November

We're officially in holiday season. I love it! The cool crisp in the air, sweaters, tons of opportunities to see family and friends...more reasons why fall is my favorite time of year.

Location: While we don't want to get too busy this holiday season, we do plan do go to Mobile to see Mawmaw. Plus we've already taken an overnight trip to Jackson. But other than that, we plan on staying home.

Watching: Thomas the Tank Engine; Go, Diego, Go! (um, yes, we have a 20-month old); Once Upon a Time; The Last Airbender (cartoon)

Eating: Still going strong with my diet. I've lost 7 lbs so far. Yay for me.

Drinking: Cranberry water. Almond milk.

Wanting: Land, but understanding that is not in God's time right now. Maybe one day.

Needing: More time in prayer!

Loving: Zumba class. I feel incredibly ridiculous, but I'm having so much fun and burning calories at the same time.

Creating: Christmas presents for the kiddos; a quilt for Hugh's bed; a quilt to donate to hospitals

Thinking: About prom themes. Oh, the joy of being a junior sponsor.

Wondering: I really want to be at home with Hugh. But is that God's desire for me at this moment? At the same time, I absolutely love teaching. But, do I want to continue with high school or transition to middle school/upper elementary? In need of direction.

I'm praying for a Christ-centered holiday season this year!

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