Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My ONE New Year's Goal: Reading the Bible Daily

I'm not super big on making New Year's resolutions, but I do often think of what I hope to accomplish each year. Usually I end up with 3-5 things that never happen. See, I'm very good at starting stuff. Not too good at finishing them.

This year my focus is on ONE goal: I'm going to read through the entire Bible chronologically.

I've read through the entire Bible before when I was college. And, certainly, I've read the Bible since then. When I was in college, I was wholly devoted to reading scripture every single day. Then, I got married. And bought a house. And got a dog. And had a child. And the list goes on and on. I became so caught up in being a wife and a mother that, slowly, reading God's Word got shoved to the side. I didn't stop reading the Bible, but it was no longer a priority in my daily schedule.

Well, that's changing. And here's a huge reason why: If I want to change something in my life, I need to be properly aligned. Otherwise, any change I desire will not last.

Okay, let me explain with a story. I used to work for my brother-in-law who is one of the top realtors in the area. (No, I'm not being biased - he really is!) I used to drive around to all of the properties and take pictures to use on the website and in print materials. Well, you can imagine the toll that takes on a vehicle. Of course, running over a few curbs doesn't help either. And, eventually I was really straining to keep the car on a straight path. In other words, I needed a front-end alignment.

I also needed tires. Now, I could have easily gone in and asked for tires only. I would have saved a little money and would have been able to drive my car. But, I would have still be straining to keep my path straight. So, I got the necessary alignment done. And, as the mechanic pointed out, it makes sense to do the alignment while changing tires because it's easier. Less steps or something like that; I'm not really good at auto stuff, so that's the extent of my knowledge. And my memory of the incident.

Just like I made an alignment when I changed my tires, I need an alignment to God's Word before I make any changes in my life. So, diving into scripture makes perfect sense. And not a "I'm reading scripture only when I need guidance on a specific subject," but "I'm going to read this daily, whether I'm on a mountaintop or in a valley."

I found an online group to read alongside with at Rachel Wojnarowski's blog. She has a lot of great resources including a simple Bible study guide, prayer bookmarks, and ways to saturate your life with scripture. Trust me, visit her site and you will spend hours looking at all of the amazing resources.

I was encouraged by Rachel's challenge to read the Bible daily. I signed up and planned to use the M'Cheyne reading plan. (Click on the image to go to Rachel's post about the daily Bible reading challenge.)

Then, something amazing happened. Our pastor issued a challenge to the entire church to join him in reading the Bible chronologically. He even provided us with a reading plan. The plan goes right along with the chronological reading plan in the Olive Tree app that I'm using.

How awesome is that?!? Just imagine how much my church family will be changed through this, and for the better! God will be glorified and we will reach even more people for Christ!

I'm going to be blogging through my daily readings on my BEcoming page, where I share my spiritual life story.

I'm super excited about this journey!

What are your plans, resolutions, or goals for 2014?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Too Much Love

I have several cards that I haven't shared here because things kind of got crazy around the time I made these.   I found a pack of 8x8 paper in the value bin at Michaels. I loved the color combinations, and set to work making tons of cards using this and this stamp set from Simon Says Stamp.

Here's one of my favorites.

Michaels Papers and SSS February 2013 Card Kit Stamp

This card took some time because of all the weaving. I remember doing this in my art classes in grade school. I loved making paper placemats using the weaving technique. I added some foam hearts from the craft section and popped the greeting on top. This is definitely one of those bulky cards that would require extra postage.

IMG_1Michaels Papers and SSS February 2013 Card Kit Stamp620

Lots of room inside for a sweet message. I added just a touch of something inside to jazz it up. I love to see inside of cards when they are decorated.

Michaels Papers and SSS February 2013 Card Kit Stamp

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Remembering #TBT

I see everyone posting pictures for Throw-back Thursday, so I thought I'd add my two cents to this mix. Here's my first of many #tbt images. I thought it would be a great way for me to share some older photos here that I haven't shared before.

#TBT July 11, 2013

This picture was taken with our video camera (which, sadly, is missing, so we purchased a new one). Fortunately, I took the images off before it went missing. I thought I had lost these pictures and videos from our trip to Orange Beach. I recently found them in a random folder. Yay!

Hugh was very young...three or four months old. We were enjoying our indoor swimming pool on a rainy day, but since Hugh was on a strict feeding schedule (the joys of a preemie), I had to take a break from swimming to feed him. Look at what a cutie he was!

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wishlist: New Hero Arts Stamps

I'm super excited about Hero Art's newest release, Stamp Your Story. There are a lot of great stamps in this release, perfect for both cards, scrapbook layouts, and Project Life. Here are a few that have caught my eye.

My Words - I love the font on this. This would be cute for cards, but also perfect for Project Life. I could see myself using these as accents to my journaling.

Journal Letters - This is probably my favorite. I love the look of handwritten letters. This is similar to this one but the letters are uppercase instead.

Travel - I'm obsessed with travel themed stuff, postage stamps, airmail... I especially love how Jennifer McGuire used this stamp on this card. She is so creative!

Love This Arrow - What a perfect name because I do love it! This arrow (and this one) have a matching die. I can't wait to use this on Project Life spreads.

I'm super excited about about the daubers, too. Can't wait to see how others are going to use these. The only problem? Choosing which color. I love them all!

And, speaking of colors...I am in love with the new inks. Mint Julep and Fresh Peach are beautiful colors. I can't wait to get my hands on these and make some cards using both inks.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Right Now

Hugh Going Fishing

Age: 2 years and 3 months

Favorite food: original Pringles, chicken nuggets, chips and salsa

What you won't eat (but you used to): gummies, string cheese, french fries, rice and beans

Favorite movie: Mulan, Mickey and the Beanstalk

Favorite TV show: Magic School Bus, Thomas the Tank Engine

Favorite toy: trains, trucks, cars

Favorite thing to do: go fishing

What Mommy and Daddy love to see: you singing along with songs, saying the mealtime prayer

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Lens: May 26-28, 2013

Who enjoys a three-day weekend? Definitely a raised hand here! A few pics from the weekend...

Enjoying homemade tomato soup as I look through the summer #Thirtyone catalog. I'm having an online party May 27-June 31. Can't wait!

Getting ready to go fishing with hubs and Hugh.


Almost ready to head out on the lake.

My boys.

reeling it in.

First fish of the night.

Great moment.

Working on it.

Biggest fish of the night.

How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week One

Project Life 2013: Week #1

One thing I have found over time is that I prefer one album per year. When I did Project 365 in 2010, I ended up needing two albums to hold 52 weeks worth of pictures (two page spread per week). I'm not a math major, but my brain quickly figured out that by the time I was 50, I would need a library to hold my albums.

The best way I found to combat this was to devote only one page per week. That means when I look at an open spread, I am seeing two weeks at a time. Honestly, this works fine for me. Most of the time I don't have enough stuff happen within a week to fill two pages. On weeks when a lot happens (for example, Hugh's birthday), I can add inserts with more photos.

I used the Simon Says Stamp January 2013 card kit for papers. Like I mentioned in my cover page post, I'm not using a designated PL kit, but instead using up my stash. I like the freedom this affords me. But, if you simply want to show photos and journaling, a kit is the easiest way to go.

Project Life 2013: Week #1

This is the backside of that beautiful lace transparency. I punched a circle out of the paper included in the kit. To cover up the hearts on the other side, I glued down some foam glitter stars from the craft aisle.

Project Life 2013: Week #1

I'm obsessed with sequins and glitter right now, so I created a pocket containing my goals for 2013. To keep the pocket closed (and the glitter and sequins in), I sewed down the side. I ended up sewing down the side of all the pockets because I have trouble with pictures falling out of the sleeves on this particular design.

A few more pics...

Project Life 2013: Week #1

Project Life 2013: Week #1

I love the wood veneer shapes from Freckled Fawn. And those October Afternoon alphas? One in every color please.

Project Life 2013: Week #1

I bought some cute glitter paper lamps that Hugh promptly destroyed. Eh, oh well. So I cut it up and used it in my album! I swiped my black ink pad along a portion of the paper to mimic my New Year's Eve manicure.

Project Life 2013: Week #1

Did I mention my current obsession with glitter? Another pocket to include tinsel from New Year's Eve, plus a mixture of white gold and silver Martha Stewart glitter. And, since I had forgotten my dates on my week card, I glued it on top of the glitter card.

Thanks for looking!

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