Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week in Photos: Jan 3-Jan 9

Here's this week in photos:


Sunday, January 3: Got a new haircut, so I needed a new self-portrait.

New Lens

Monday, January 4: My new camera lens, a Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II, arrived.

Puppy Dog Eyes

Tuesday, January 5: Pedro's giving me puppy dog eyes. Probably because I won't share my food with him. Well, those eyes don't work on me, buddy. At least most of the time they don't.


Wednesday, January 6: Updating Quicken with this week's receipts. BORING.

Nikki And Ryan

Thursday, January 7: Watching the Bama v. Texas game. Nikki and Ryan were for Texas and weren't happy about the outcome. (Jason and I were for Bama. Jason's family is HUGE Bama fans. Something his grandfather always enjoyed.)

Schrute Bucks Notebook

Friday, January 8: I found this notebook at Target and picked it up for Jason, who is a HUGE Office fan. He thought it was hilarious.


Saturday, January 9: Wednesday was my older sister's birthday so we had a little party for her on Saturday. Happy birthday to one of the best sisters ever!

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