Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week in Photos: Jan 10-16

Here's a week in photos from January 10-16:


Sunday, January 10: It had been so cold the last few nights in Mississippi that Pedro's water bowl froze over and remained frozen all day. Yikes!

Library Books

Monday, January 11: Enjoyed a trip to the library and picked up a few books on costume design, illustration, and Photoshop.

Finished Doilies

Tuesday, January 12: Misted some doilies.

Project Life

Wednesday, January 13: My Project Life kit finally came in!


Thursday, January 14: Listed lots of pretty cards on Etsy.

Bird Bath

Friday, January 15: Made a bird bath to hang in one of our trees. It wasn't long before a mockingbird found it and gave himself a nice bath.

Adjusting the Stroller

Saturday, January 16: Went shopping with Amelia, Abigail, and Mimi. We couldn't figure out how to get Abigail's stroller to sit up any higher.

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