Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Life Language

This morning before work I read my daily newsletter from Scrap Girls. The founder, Ro, had something interesting to say. Here's what she wrote: "Sometimes, when life feels hard, or the task I have before me feels far too difficult to accomplish, I realize that I have fallen into self-talk that makes me feel that I am punishing myself as I work. All I have to do to lighten my load is reframe how I talk to myself about what I am doing."

Here's a chart to show the difference between negative and postive talk:


“There are so many possibilities in life, in attainment and achievement, and so many opportunities of doing good, that it is a glorious thing to live. Surely, then, we ought to make the most of our life.

“The idea that life is one of joy. This fact ought to be shining – shining even in darkness. People say this is a sad world, yes, for those who have eyes only for shadows. He who has songs in his heart, hears songs wherever he goes.”
– Dr. J. R. Miller

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