Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My Ever-Growing To-Do List

My to-do list seems to grow every day. I knock a few things off only to have more added. Here's the latest:

1. Call Mark, our officiant, and finalize the ceremony.

2. Give the final count to the caterer, Jason's aunt (who is making the cake), and the chair rental place.

3. Send another payment to the wedding photographer.

4. Go by Target and get a curtain rod, supper, and candles.

5. Send out the last few thank you notes. I've already done a ton, and I ran out of stamps and cards. Which leads me to the next item...

6. Get more stamps and thank you cards.

7. Set up the cable and internet for our home, even though we haven't had time to watch tv or surf the 'net.

8. Finish the guest book. I had a great idea for my guest book that is a little more time consuming. It's going to be more like a scrapbook. Each family will take a polaroid and stick it on a page where they can write advice and wishes for the happy couple. I just have to make the pages.

9. Pick up film for the polaroid camera. Do you get the idea that I keep going back to Target?

10. Finish painting the baseboards in the great room. Finish the trim work in the master bedroom.

And, there's more. Believe me, there's more. This is just a beginning.

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