Saturday, September 25, 2010

Baby Bump Update: Week 12


It's kind of hard to tell, but yes there is a tiny baby bump there. As a plus-size gal, people are always looking at you wondering if you really are pregnant. Now I can stick my belly out with no shame! :)

Hubby and I went to the doctor yesterday and listened to our little one's heartbeat. Even at 12 weeks the doctor was able to hear a nice strong heartbeat. Poppyseed's heart was beating at 160 beats/minute. Lots of discussion on whether we think it's a girl or boy. According to the old wives' tale, a heartbeat faster than 140 means it's a girl. Of course, I give no stock to wives' tales because nothing seems to come true with them.

We have one more regular check up, and in November we will have the BIG check up...the ultrasound where we can find out if Poppyseed is a boy or girl. Either way, we love this precious baby! (I'm hoping that my doctor will schedule this visit right before Christmas so I can find out in time for after-Thanksgiving sales!)



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  2. Love the note you guys wrote to your Poppyseed. On the back of our first u/s pic of Thomas my husband, Wayne, wrote the sweetest note to him and I will treasure that forever.
    I can tell you guys are going to be the best parents. I loved the way your husband was smiling when the kids were singing Sunday morning- you could see the "that will be MY kid one day" look and it was pure joy.


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