Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pedro Pics

Nikki came over last week and we did some scrapbooking. For those of you who don't know, Pedro is incredibly friendly. I mean, jumps-all-over-you-about-to-have-a-seizure-tail-wagging-so-hard-it-will-break-something friendly. He did a great job calming down, though he still wanted to lick Nikki.

I really want to show off how I've taught Pedro to hug. Yes, hug! See, Jason has taught Pedro basic commands like sit, stay, shake, and at my encouraging, high-five. I've taught Pedro "get out," "go potty," and "give me a hug." He really knows what they mean. When I say get out of the kitchen, he gets out. When I ask if he needs to go potty, he goes and sits by the back door. Or if I shoo him out the door and tell him to go potty, he actually does it. And, if he's in a real affectionate mood and isn't distracted by anything, he'll put his front paws around your waist and put his head on your shoulder. He hugs.

However, Pedro wasn't in the mood to simply hug NIkki. He wanted to kiss her, too. This is pretty much what happened:


I love Nikki's face. It captures the emotion perfectly!

Then, on Friday I met a couple of ladies I work with for lunch at El Rancho's. I had put Pedro outside (by the way, he loves that I'm home right now because he's enjoying the air conditioning) for literally an hour. Didn't think he had enough time to cause a mess, but I was wrong:


Pedro found a mud puddle and went to town! He got mud on every paw and on his nose. I had to give him a bath, which he didn't like. Then, we had to wait 48 hours until we could give him his flea medicine, which he needed desperately.This just goes to show that Pedro only needs a few minutes to be mischevious and cause mayhem!

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