Saturday, November 10, 2007

Christmas Planner

The Christmas season can get so hectic. There's so much to do, from gifts to baking to's easy to get overwhelmed. To help me keep this Christmas season organized I'm making a Christmas planner. The idea came from a class I'm taking through Big Picture Scrapbooking, but I'm tweaking the end result. I ordered a red mini-binder from Simplify 101 and am designing my own pages for the inside. I'm going to organize this planner into eight sections:

  • Calendar - Done in a three or four-day layout so I can fit all of my busy activities onto it
  • Cards - A place to jot down card ideas, supplies needed to make my own cards, and a section with an address book to keep up with my Christmas mailing list
  • Cooking - A holiday menu planner and baking planner
  • Decor - A place to jot down ideas for room decorations
  • Gifts - The ultimate place to keep everyone's gift lists as well as your own
  • Parties - A great section to use when planning parties
  • Shopping - Where I will keep my shopping lists
  • To-Do - Always a necessity in a planner. I am a queen bee of making lists, so this section will come in handy

Here's a sample of my calendar page:

I'm loving the look and idea of the planner. I think I might make take some orders, so if you are interested in purchasing one ($30) drop me an email or leave a comment.

EDITED: I woke up early this morning thinking about my planner and realized that I didn't account for all the supplies needed to make it. So if you want a planner, the actual price would be $45. Sorry for the confusion! Sometimes my "brains are out of my head" as one of my kindergarten students told me.

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